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By Dianne Cruz                                                                                             01/08/2014

Furnace TRANE Replacement.!!!!!!!!!

  • NOW I CAN TRUSTTHIS COMPANY, last year they recommend me to Installed an air conditioning XL16i TWO STAGE TRANE AIR CONDITIONING with an new heater XV90 VARIABLE SPEED,  waooo what a joy to have this precious unit in my house, very quiet, very warm, very pleasant, and savings is the best, MY PG&E BILL is four times lower than Last Year, Thank You Marko , FOR THE MAINTENANCE DONE AT THIS WONDERFULL SYSTEM.




  • BY GOOD  COMPANY.......                                                                          03/11/2013
  • Marko I like to thank you for the great service performed in my place, my furnace was getting worse and worse every year, but thank you for encourage me  to REPLACE IT, I love this infinity CARRIER SYSTEM that you installed in my house TWO STAGE heating is great and very quiet, I will recomend you to my friends and family, I'll see you for the maintenance every year.
  • Castro Valley California.

By:BERT                                                                                                        04/13/2013

  •  like To Thanks A and R heating and Cooling for the proposal done at my property in Castro Valley California, AS CONTRACTORS YOU DID BEAT all advertized equipment in the market, from the other companies I chose this company base on their prices and experience and great reviews placed in google maps. VERY WELL DONE I'M completesatisfied with the installation done.
  • I will recomend this company. and I wish you the best in this economy.
  • Albert Golber A.
  • Castro Valley California


By: Mary. Google maps -                                                                       aug 27, 2013

  • I was tired of waiting for my contractor to come back and finish my installation, so I tried A & R HEATING AND COOLING and it was a pleasure to work with them from start to finish, THEY installed my furnace that was left in my garage for almost one month in my remodeling,
  • thank you for your understanding and helping me in my property
  • Christina B wells, Sunnyvale, California. 

By: Allowme. Google maps-                                                               aug 31, 2013

  • I had this company replaced my old Rheem furnace, FOR A NEW TRANE FURNACE and a new day and nigth AC CONDENSER UNIT in Milpitas California, I think that this installed system works super good, and I did saved a lot of money by going this way. I like to thank you for your recomendations made.
  • Thank you Marko, Great service.
  • Carla B. Green Milpitas, California
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